Fresh and Tasty Mexican Food

Mexicali Rose Restaurant is at your service seven days a week, delivering lip-smacking food and an environment you'll always want to be a part of. Whether you are planning for a family dine-in or a corporate event, Mexicali Rose Restaurant is the perfect choice. We have banquets ready to serve a maximum of 16 guests of yours. Drop by our restaurant to experience the Mexican delicacies today. We have been serving in Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, and the surrounding areas for 91 years.

Our Menu Includes:


  • Sirloin Steak
  • Pork Chops
  • Fried Young Chicken
  • Chicken Soup


  • Chile Colorado- Chunky Beef Meat with Red Chili Sauce
  • Chile Verde- Chunky Pork Meat with Green Peppers
  • Rinones Estilo Mexican- Kidney Mexican Style
  • Bistec Ranchero- Steak Mexican- Country Style
  • Burritos (Meat Only)- Chunky Beef, Ground Beef, Chicken or Pork
  • Green Enchiladas- Chicken, Ground Beef or Cheese
  • Red Enchiladas- Ground Beef, Chicken or Cheese
  • Tacos- Ground Beef, Chicken

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